MagicNet History

MagicNet is the best European hosting provider



MagicNet Hosting was founded in 2008 with a strong focus on quality and innovative hosting solutions. We specialized in providing superior web hosting services for local and international customers.



Our mission is to deliver the highest quality hosting services to businesses and organizations worldwide. We have expanded VPS and dedicated servers to the ever-growing demand of speed, performance and security



Since its beginnings as a web hosting provider, MagicNet has quickly evolved into a leading company in Europe. We stayed focused on our clients to deliver superior hosting experience and ensure issues are being addressed quickly.



This year we continued to improve our hosting services. MagicNet was working to meet our specific client needs and technological requirements. What’s more, we introduced custom configurations to suit all business needs



MagicNet launched WordPress Hosting , Magento Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla Hosting in response to growing customer demand. At the same time, we improved and optimized our hosting infrastructure to deliver 1 Gbps solutions



To strengthen our global presence, MagicNet started providing VPS and dedicated servers in worldwide locations. In addition, we added eCommerce Hosting and SSL Certificates. Plus, a broad range of new hosting plans were introduced

MagicNet Today

Delivering brilliant hosting solutions to any business needs


Since 2008, MagicNet has grown to become one of the leading European hosting providers delivering premium hosting services for clients in almost every corner of the world. Trusted by countless businesses, MagicNet has built a reputation for being the trusted and reliable company by ensuring that its clients get top-notch hosting services and perfect hosting experience.

We’re committed to excellence since our launch back in 2008. We offer our customers a full range of great hosting solutions, fully tailored to the needs of their business. MagicNet specialize in designing, building and managing business hosting solutions suited to your requirements. With world-class infrastructure capabilities and a comprehensive suite of tools, we help clients drive business growth and profitability as well as achieve their goals.

Besides standard web hosting, VPS and Dedicated services, we offer custom hosting solutions to suit any business requirements. Furthermore, MagicNet is focused on multiple location hosting to cover any ever-changing business demands.

With more than 11 years of hosting experience, we’re proud of our exceptional customer support to create a truly great customer experience. We constantly training our staff and improving our customer service to help clients promptly and effectively and exceed their expectations. At MagicNet, we understand the importance of fast support; that’s why our in-house support staff is always available to you 24/7.

Choosing MagicNet, you choose more than a standard hosting provider. You get a reliable business partner that stands by you and your needs.