Payment Options for Hosting Services

Convenient Payment Options: Pay with Bank Transfer, PayPal, or Credit Cards
After your order has been paid, you will get access to your hosting service as fast as possible.

✓Multiple currencies EUR, USD or RON ✓SEPA payments ✓Instant Invoicing

Bank Transfer Instructions

How to pay for our hosting services via bank transfer

Bank Transfer for International and National Customers and Companies

After choosing desired hosting service, you will receive email with the invoice PDF attached; you can make payments directly from your bank account to our bank business account. The received invoice includes our bank account details when making a payment through BANK TRANSFERS. Please make sure you choose the correct account number (IBAN Code) depending on which currency your invoice is issued in. (EUR, USD, RON):

EUR/USD – for international clients. Placing your order, if you choose to pay in EUR, you need to make bank transfers to our IBAN in EUR; when you choose to be charged in USD-to our IBAN in USD. The default currency in our system is set to EUR; but you can choose USD as your preferred currency while placing your first order. If you already registered, but you want to change currency of your hosting account, please, contact our Sales Department, and we will update it for you!

RON – for Romanian clients. All invoices in our system are generated in EUR, USD or RON. You should pay in RON. In case of you choose EUR or USD, you should pay all invoices according to the valid official exchange rate communicated by the National Bank of Romania for the day of payment.

Server Activation and Discounts

Upon receiving the money on our bank account, your hosting service will be delivered as fast as possible.

KEEP IN MIND: If you pay for year in advance, we offer a 10% discount. It’s good deal to avoid additional paperwork for both business parties.

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